Stupid Cancer. Stupid Church Sign.

A friend of mine is currently going through something that I know would eat me alive from the inside out.  He has displayed amazing reliance on God and His ways, that makes my faith appear so small, in comparison.  I have no problem admitting how selfish I would be of someone’s pity if I had these tables turned on me.  I would probably be the one asking “Why God?” (as I’m sure my friend does), but unlike my friend, be completely devastated and unraveled if and when the answers to my questions did not come back favorably.  Chances are, my friend has moments of complete devastation and total unravel as well.  But if you read his blog, you’d almost have a hard time imagining him that way.

These has been my thoughts over the past few weeks since Josh first blogged about his daughter, Ava, who is five years old and has brain cancer.  Most of the discovered tumor was removed through surgery, but the outlook for Ava’s healing has not been good.  The doctors at the hospital think that Ava has only several months to live.   Josh and his wife, Lisa, however believe God has their daughter right where He wants her. They are counting on Him to provide a miracle healing for Ava and will remove the cancer from her body.

Ava has had up’s and down’s since first coming home after her brain surgery, and recently had to return to the hospital because the tumor has regrown, causing pressure that needed to be addressed.  A shunt had to be surgically placed in her skull to relieve the pressure.  Now Josh and Lisa are hoping to get Ava strong again, so that they can begin their travels to have a doctor in New Jersey work with Ava and provide treatment.  This doctor has had some success in dealing with the type of cancer that Ava currently has.  Josh and Lisa are relying on God to provide a miracle through this doctor OR whatever way He chooses to heal Ava.

This morning, as I was driving on US 12 to work, I passed a church sign that would normally has some sort of goofy message on it, like “Sign broken.  Message inside.” or “How did Jesus teach without an amazing sound system and Power Point presentations?  VERY WELL.” Stuff like this really makes me gag when I see them and if I were someone seeking spiritual answers, I would drive right by a church that uses this kinda of tactic to intrigue people.  But this morning’s sign had an unexpected, straight forward message for me today as I traveled.

The first thing I did as I sat down at my desk was to get on Facebook and relay God’s message to Josh, which he sent to me through the church’s sign.  I simply told Josh about the sign, to keep the faith and that God loved him, Ava and the rest of his family.  I have always known that I serve an amazing God.  A God of wonder.  A God of miracles.  But through Ava’s story and through that once dubbed “stupid church sign”, God has restored my soul today.

When the lights all seem to come crashing down
All alone, no one around
I need a miracle, I need a miracle
When life don’t seem to make sense at all
I believe you hear me when I call
I believe, I believe
And I believe though I can’t see     … Lyrics by Robbie Seay Band – “Miracle”


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4 Responses to Stupid Cancer. Stupid Church Sign.

  1. Kaley says:

    That is awesome.

  2. skoutz says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I prayed for a miracle for Ava this morning. A few hours later I prayed with a friend for another miracle. We often pray with such small faith. I’m tired of that kind of praying.

  3. Stephanie says:

    wow.. I am going to keep Ava and her family in my prayers.. It’s nice to see a church sign saying something powerful!

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