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Sharing the Storm

One thing that Angie and I both love to experience are lightening and thunder storms.  There’s something about a natural display of untamed power that gets us both and leaves us both in awe.  Perhaps is because these types of … Continue reading

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Living a Better Story

This weekend I’m heading off to Portland to attend Don Miller’s “Living a Better Story” seminar.  This is one of birthday gifts (which I kind of gave to myself) and I’m hoping to learn a lot and produce much fruit … Continue reading

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Angie Really Loves Giraffes

Today I’m at home sick.  I can’t breathe or seem to be able to fall asleep.  So I thought I would write or in this case share a video I put together using the HD Flip Camera.  This thing is … Continue reading

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Pure Michigan : Mackinac Island

This was the first (and probably last) summer Angie has decided to teach a round of summer school.   Although she enjoyed the kids she had over the several weeks, she found that she enjoyed much more the option to not … Continue reading

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Dear Cancer, I hate you. You suck. From, Angie

It’s been a heavy week.  So many people I love have been affected by cancer and I’m about to pull a Pop-Eye.  Ya know, when Pop-Eye makes a grand speech about, “This is all I can stands, and I can’t … Continue reading

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