Living a Better Story

This weekend I’m heading off to Portland to attend Don Miller’s “Living a Better Story” seminar.  This is one of birthday gifts (which I kind of gave to myself) and I’m hoping to learn a lot and produce much fruit from this trip.  Don Miller  will be the main speaker, sharing much of, and going beyond, most of the material he presented in his most recent book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.  This book focuses on Miller’s exploration of what makes a good story and how to live out our lives, using many of those same concepts.

If you can make it to Portland this weekend, I think you should go to this thing.  Here’s Don explaining what the seminar is all about and what it’s going to be like.

Have you ever felt like your personal story is stuck in neutral, or is wandering?  You know, kind of like those scenes in a dragging movie, that appears to be going nowhere.  This is where I’m at currently, and Miller’s bringing attention to it is what prompted me to attend this seminar.  I’m excited to get my story back in motion and moving forward.

Don’t hear me wrong.  I’m perfectly happy with the majority of my story, but feel like my own progression has been stalled for some time.  I love my wife and family.  I’m happy to be living in a place that I can call home.  I’m still a happy person.  I just feel like there is more out there that I’m either not realizing is available for me, or I’m somehow ignoring, all the same.  Either way, I’m looking to make a change, either in mind or in application.  What that change actually is will hopefully be discovered or explored more deeply during my time out west.

I’ve never been to Portland.  I’m excited to see the city, Mount Hood, have some great coffee and enjoy the surroundings.  I’m bringing my cameras and look to collect some fun pictures / video of my adventure while out there.  If you know of anything that is a “Must Do” and feel like sharing that with me, please don’t hesitate to relay that to me.  I’ve got some free time on Sunday, before the seminar kicks off in the afternoon.

If you’re curious about Portland, here you go …


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  1. skoutz says:

    J that is super exciting. I will be praying for you this weekend. I want to hear all about it when you get back.

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