As some of you know, J and I are deeply connected to The Rhema Project and its mission to save the girls in India, both from female infanticide and the constant persecution that comes with being a female in the Indian culture.  We are both extremely passionate about The Rhema Project, but I will attempt to avoid my soap box today…and today only!

For a fundraiser, Dan Blacketor (he’s fantastic…you should want to know him) enlisted the assistance of some Indian children to design Christmas cards.  Now, I’ve seen the mock-up cards and let-me-tell-you…you’re gonna want some of these!  The artwork is terrific and there is a Christian-based message inside.

I plan to order 5235029345q5938410293487109238571235 boxes… (no, I don’t have that many friends and J would ground me from ever buying cards….but I do plan on sending these cards out as my Christmas Greeting this year!).  As soon as ordering information is available, I will post it so you can join me in this cause (ya know ya want to…or that I will try to make you!).

PLUS, THE PROCEEDS GO TOWARDS SCHOLARSHIPS FOR LITTLE GIRLS TO RECEIVE EDUCATION IN INDIA (you get your adorable Christmas cards AND HELP SAVE LIVES…two birds, one stone if you ask me!).

Seriously.  The Rhema Project Christmas Cards.  Let’s be friends.


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