We’re not slackers, I swear…

…we’ve just been really busy!

  • J lost his job in January.  It sucked.  Bad.  Dealing with struggles in our marriage reminds me why I love that man so stinkin’ much.  Since that sucky time, J has moved onward and upward to a position at Tirerack in South Bend.  He’s still in training and loves it so far.  When he’s officially “on the phones”, we’ll let ya know so you can order some tires…from Charlie…that’s right.  His work name is Charlie (ask him about it).  Thanks for all the prayers during this valley.  Now, we’re celebrating on the mountain top!
  • I got a new ride.  I’m pretty flippin’ cool now.  Holler at me.  We traded in my Chevy Malibu for a brand new Volkswagen GTI.  It’s adorable, fast and has plaid seats.  Not gonna lie…the seats are in reason for the purchase.  There’s tons of safety features, too, which is an acceptable bonus to its overall loveliness.
  • Tomorrow afternoon, at 11:00, I am officially on Spring Break.  With J’s new job, we’re not going anywhere, but I’m pretty pumped about sleeping in and a few short trips…in my new car.  Plaid Seats.
  • I only have 3 MORE WEEKS of my masters…that’s two more papers (after this weekend’s doozy of two papers due.  C’mon people, don’t ya know it’s Spring Break).
  • Opening Day for baseball is today.  I’m totally ready for baseball season.  Seriously.  I purchased a new Cubs t-shirt and sequined flip-flops.  Let’s do this.

God is good.

Plaid seats.


About aquilavilla

We've been married for several years now and have found that our adventures are just beginning. This blog is a way we both can share our thoughts, collectively, along the journey.
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4 Responses to We’re not slackers, I swear…

  1. Sara Smith says:

    Plaid seats. Haha, you crack me up.

    And I agree, God IS good!!!!

  2. skoutz says:

    Glad to hear things are going well. AND you are soooo close to being done with your Masters. Hooray!!!

  3. Kim Burkey says:

    Plaid seats = awesome! 🙂

  4. Ash Z says:

    Plaid seats how fun is that!

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