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We Have Finally Met our Son!

After a week of being at home, awaiting the news from Eli’s doctors on when when he might be released from the hospital, we decided to just head down to Louisiana.  Both Angie and I were very excited to meet … Continue reading

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While I’m waiting…

Since J has been mostly communicating the happenings of our adoption story, I wanted to share my perspective a little bit.  This process has been a long time coming for us, and now there’s a little light at the end … Continue reading

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Delayed in Colorado … But also a Daddy !!!

What !?! … Exqueeze me?  Baking Powder? You have read this correctly.  I’m stuck in the Yampa Valley Airport, hours away from home.  I’ve been hanging out in Steamboat Springs, CO since Friday, taking part of the Bridgestone Winter Driving … Continue reading


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A New Story Worth Telling

So … It’s been awhile.  A loooooooong while.  Ages, really. Awhile back … Almost three years ago, Angie and I decided to let nature take its course and see if we could start a family.  With me being five years … Continue reading

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