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We've been married for several years now and have found that our adventures are just beginning. This blog is a way we both can share our thoughts, collectively, along the journey.

Election 2016

I was hoping to use the hide feature less on Facebook now that the election has passed; however, I’m still using it regularly. I wish I could hide this ugliness from my boys – shelter them from hateful rhetoric that … Continue reading

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My Amazing Life

A few years ago, a good friend, Lori Hiscock, shared Eli’s story on the GCC blog. We are so grateful to Lori for giving Eli’s perspective a narrative since he is a man of little words. I saved her email … Continue reading

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This morning I wanted to share a story, written by a far superb writer  than I. I was first introduced to this story, Welcome to Holland, when I was in college, studying Special Education. It touched my heart then, but … Continue reading

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Wait?! We have a blog still?!

Whaaaat?! Obviously it’s been awhile since we’ve written anything for many reasons. Like we’re crazy-busy. We have 2 kids now. Eli’s had some health issues and started preschool. And, you know, life and stuff. Since we’ve last updated, we had … Continue reading


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Let’s Catch Up

I’ve been planning this post for a while now, but just found the time to sit down and unload a bit. Since the last time we posted, our lives have changed quite a bit. We found out in early April … Continue reading

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Our Story: A Year Later

This time last year, we began our adventure in adoption. After quite a few months of grieving and struggling through our fertility issues, we decided to meet with a great friend, Helen, to just learn a bit from her adoption, … Continue reading

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Elihu James Aquila

So…obviously it’s been awhile since we last posted, since which our lives have drastically changed!  We brought home our son in early March and have filled all of our time to bonding with him.  He is thriving and gaining weight … Continue reading

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What My Prayers Sound Like …

“He’s My Son” : by Mark Schultz I’m down on my knees again tonight I’m hoping this prayer will turn out right See there is a boy that needs Your help I’ve done all that I can do myself His … Continue reading

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Back Home, but without Eli … For Now.

From J … So after a few days of being in Louisiana, we have decided to head home, and unfortunately without our son. “How can this be?” … You might be asking us. Well, the bad news is that Eli, … Continue reading

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We Have Finally Met our Son!

After a week of being at home, awaiting the news from Eli’s doctors on when when he might be released from the hospital, we decided to just head down to Louisiana.  Both Angie and I were very excited to meet … Continue reading

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