About Us

We’re the Aquilas.

We got married several years ago after meeting through an amazing ministry, in a church we call home.  We’ve already had some fun stories to share and will probably get to reminiscing about in this blog.  We look forward to collectively writing the next many chapters that is the story of our life together.

Angie is … an amazing educator and lover of those needing a little extra help.  She works hard and loves me well.  Probably more than I deserve or ever expected to get in return.  She challenges me to be the best man I can, all while being my #1 cheerleader.  She’s amazingly crafty. Family is very important to her.  She likes to use hand motions while singing in the car … Which I think can be quite dangerous.  Oh … and she REALLY enjoys the world where vampires would rather romance you than suck your blood.  I swear those books are going to fall apart any day now.

J is …one of the best people I know.  He fiercely loves all those who are dear to him and constantly challenges those people to be at their best.  J is a strong man of God, faithfully following His ways and passionately encouraging everyone in his path to do so as well.  J is the life of the party, a loyal friend, enjoys teasing others, often inappropriate, and hysterically funny.  If you haven’t heard J sing…you’re missing out!  I’m so blessed to spend my life with him.

Thanks for stopping by the Aquila Villa!


1 Response to About Us

  1. grandpa says:

    Angie is my grand daughter. I am very proud of her and all of her accomplishments. I love her bunches. The only fault I think of she has is that she can talk my ears off, and she can talk very
    fast so it dosen’t take her long to say what she has to say.

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