The End is Near…

…for my Masters Program, that is!

I’m starting my last class next week, and I’m pretty pumped about it.  I have one big, summative paper to write about how my teaching as changed, as I apply the new things I’ve learned.  The class is called Teacher as the Hero (go ahead, laugh.  I did).  This class seems rather easy, in comparison to the others I’ve completed.  It’s basically a novel study with a small group of other teachers.  I can handle that!  Then, come April 23rd, I’m done!

I’m not quite sure what I’ll do when I don’t have a twenty-two page paper due every-other-week…suggestions welcome.

ps – J was layed off in January from his job.

pps – J got a new job, which started last week.

ppss – God is always, always, always good.


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We've been married for several years now and have found that our adventures are just beginning. This blog is a way we both can share our thoughts, collectively, along the journey.
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1 Response to The End is Near…

  1. Mo says:

    So happy for you! Can I get a YEEEHHAAWWW?

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