Christmas Cards Save Girls’ Lives

Halloween is officially over and it’s time to start thinking about turkey, getting out those holiday decorations, and … wait for it … Christmas Cards???

I know … I know. Not the climactic statement you were expecting.

If you’re like me, Christmas Card shopping is way down on the priority list now that we have the ability to instantly message our friends, wish them a Merry Christmas, or tweet out our holiday ramblings.  The art of penmanship has all but died in the modern day.  Plus – who wants to pay for postage anymore?

Alright, I admit it … I love to shop for Christmas Cards and holiday stamps … but only because I have this cool holiday scrapbook that Angie and I started since we got married and …

OK – I’m sharing too much … Back to Christmas Cards.  Here’s the deal …

This year, your Christmas Cards can help save the lives of little girls in India!

The Rhema Project has created some amazing Christmas Cards this year, using the artwork of Indian students that are currently a part of the pen pal program, that Angie and other teachers in our are, started this school year.  The pen pal program creates a fun way for both her students and the Indian students to practice their conversational English through penmanshipPerhaps it’s not dead after all.

All proceeds from the Christmas Cards will help continue the support of education for little girls in Southern India.  Education promotes a of value of worth, and in turn, saves the lives of little girls in the ministries that the Rhema Project is partnered with.  Your holiday messages to your friends, neighbors and family can be a part of the true meaning of Christmas this year.


To get your Rhema Project Christmas Cards, all you have to do is donate your support.  For a $30 donation, you’ll receive 30 uniquely original cards.   Supplies are limited, so donate today.  Just click on the following link –  In the top, right hand corner of the web page, you can click DONATE.  Be sure to include the words “CHRISTMAS CARDS” in the notes of your donation.


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